Social Media, Thnk dfrnt

I have always had a penchant for social media on all fronts. From doing my MBA thesis on the future of social media with GIBS in 2008 when social media was barely a twit, my presentation at the PAMRO 2012 was centred on social media as an agent of change in the media space and in ordinary people’s lives.

The crux of my presentation at the PAMRO 2012 was how to get media owners and influencers to think differently about the role of social media in Africa. The presentation presents the status quo on social media globally and specifically in Africa; highlighting the ordinary people whose lives have been transformed by social media. Specifically, the presentation focuses on mavericks who think differently and have harnessed the power of social media to change their communities. Through this, the presentation also highlights emergence of tribes and the ordinary people who lead them.

The presentation challenges media owners to realise the growing influence of social media in people’s lives thereby highlighting the need to consider social media in media research.

Access the presentation I did at the PAMRO 2012 conference here or click the featured image.

I have also included some photos from the conference.

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