“Aint nobody got time for that!”

No one knew Kimberly Wilkins from Oklahoma City. But now, everyone knows Sweet Brown. Wilkins is Sweet Brown. She was interviewed by news station KFOR News Channel 4 after escaping a fire on April 7th in her apartment building. Her account of the fire and how she escaped was posted on YouTube by Lucas Ross and that was the beginning of her fame. She apparently had bronchitis from the smoke inhalation and her response to that was “aint nobody got time for that,” and this became one of her signature statements.

Her video on Lucas Ross’ channel received over 1 million hits on YouTube in 2 days and her popularity grew. An autotune remix was done and was by far one of the best internet memes/ video mesh up for the year 2012 with millions of hits!

EOnline did a poll to see who people prefered between Sweet Brown and Kabooyow (Kabooya is Michelle Clark who was interviewed by KPRC news about a hailstorm) and Sweet Brown as of 19 April 2013 had 85% of the votes. Her internet fame led to her landing commercials, doing appearances on American TV shows, the Sweet Brown T-shirt line, a song with Will.I.Am and reality TV show offers — including a co-host spot on the hit show Cheaters. Now in as far as the commercials are concerned, the creative is questionable, but the brands were trying to buy into her internet fame. Here’s a few of them.