You’ve been twacked!

I’m sure most Twitter users have at one point received a Direct Message from someone saying “Did you see this pic of you”; or “LOL…OMG I’m laughing so hard at this pic of u my friend found”; or the popular one, “Hey this user is saying very bad things about you…” The first time one of those landed in my account I panicked mildly, because it was from a friend. I thought it was something serious, and naturally I picked up my phone and called her only to learn her account had been compromised. For most people, having a Twitter account hacked, sorry I mean ‘twacked’, is serious and distressing.

It turns out, there’s a lot of twacking going on and celebs with massive followings are normally the targets. To help secure your Twitter account, avoid using obvious passwords, change your passwords from time to time, and avoid giving your password out to third party users or apps, unless they’re trusted.

While surfing the interwebs I found this cool infographic on twacking over the years. Some nice-to-know nuggets  here. Check it out:



Infographic by Garin Kilpatrick of