Small innovations, big cities

Anyone who has met me knows I am an urban cat in full support of Johannesburg’s inner city development. Although the city is slowly undergoing a facelift; buildings being restored or replaced with better structures, roads being repaired, extra fibre optic cables being laid; there is a lot more out there that brands can do to make that little difference and improve the city. Small innovations that make a positive change are a good way to better the city experience, while also making one’s mark as a brand. Here are examples of brands that have made a difference, in small clever ways:


IBM & Ogilvy Paris – Smart Ideas for Smart Cities:


Oh.No.Sumo – The Mobile Sidewalk Theatre:


VW Fun Theory – The World’s Deepest Bin:


Check out other great projects that have made a difference in other cities:

Do you know of any other simple clever ways brands have used to improve their cities? Feel free to share in the comments section.