Ad of the Week on MarkLives – King James II debut

A good ad has to achieve a simple, but almost illusive task: it has to communicate a brand’s message in a way that stays with the viewer. In doing so it more often must compete for the viewer’s attention with other messages and other media that are also vying for the audiences’ attention. Sometimes this is achieved by the massive repetition of advertising messages on a variety of channels. But the problem with that approach can be saturation “the feeling that if you see an ad just one more time it is going to drive you insane. I guess that’s throwing money at the problem” going for reach and penetration, instead of being smart. But every now and again an advert will achieve memorability by creating clever little ads or series of commercials that give one that ‘warm, fuzzy feeling.’ Those are the ads that make you feel good, make you smile or even have a little laugh. I’ve often talked about humour in this column because it is so often used in local advertising, and rightly so because South Africans love nothing more than having a good belly laugh. But achieving the humorous ‘sweet spot’ is a tricky balancing act. Brands can run the risk of getting things wrong and creating ads

via Ad of the Week with Oresti Patricios – King James II debut.