Nandos & Old Spice: This is how popular kids play

Certain personalities can (almost) get away with bloody murder simply because of their clout in their industry. I remember reading somewhere that the currently incarcerated Domenico Dolce sometimes wears pants with a stapled hem. He gets away with it because he’s a trendsetting fashion designer. Nando’s recent TV spot features a parody of the Old Spice “look at your man, now look at me” campaign. Old Spice did not react with a TV ad but instead, responded with pictures on its Facebook page. Nando’s (in turn) has not responded yet to these pictures.


I suppose this is a case of the popular, cool kids playing and getting all the attention, and I’m thinking that a tiny brand couldn’t get away with this if they tried. Remember Nando’s and Sanlam? It was outrageously hilarious.


The Nando’s ‘Old Spice’ spoof is a different kind of funny, but it works. The only problem is why did it take so long? Old Spice man is circa 2010. But of course there’s loads and loads of word-of-mouth that follows a campaign like this, so Nando’s still wins. Which is invariably the case with that foul brand’s ad campaigns. 😉



Note the Nandos ad on the TV Isaiah Mustafa is sitting on?


Isaiah Mustafa in a chicken suit?