PooPouri – Are the days of prairie dogging it over?

What do you do when nature calls at your office, or at a fancy dinner party, and it is a number two – which means you cook up a stink in the process? You walk out of the cubicle and find that you are not alone in the bathroom. The worst is when you find that the other patron is obviously holding their breath because you have just eliminated all fresh air!  This is so embarrassing. Smell from this vital human activity is normal, yet still we cannot help feeling embarrassed when we cook up a stink. Enter an  ingenious (and very necessary) invention – PooPouri, the before-you-go toilet spray!

PooPouri1PooPouri has introduced itself with a hilarious short film, cringe worthy for some, that is a little over 2 minutes long. The short film opens with a toilet scene. The toilet flushes and the door yanks open. A pretty young lady in a powder blue tutu dress, perfect hair up-do and a string of pearls a-la Bree van de Kamp style, sits on a toilet seat. It’s no surprise that she speaks with a posh English accent. The bombshell however, besides the fact that stereotypically, such a woman would not be filmed while on the toilet, is what she says: “You would not believe the mother-load I just dropped, and that’s how I like to keep it. Leaving not a trace that I was ever here or let alone that I just birthed a creamy behemoth from my cavernous bowels.”

Then the scene changes and she’s still on the toilet seat at a party. In fact, throughout the entire short film, the protagonist sits on the toilet, and maintains her blue dress, pearls and perfect up-do. And then she’s at an office and then at a dairy farm. Talking throughout all the scenes, the graphic script refers to tenacious skid marks, comparing your number 2‘s stench to that of a 300-cow dairy farm. Then she talks of aerosol sprays and their ineffectiveness, usually resulting in the smell of ‘chem-lab-carnations with a touch of faeces.’ Back in the public restroom, she pulls up flash cards with instructions on how the product works. She throws around words like ‘porcelain prison,’ ‘astronaut,’ ‘prairie-dogging,’ ‘pinch a loaf,’ while she explains each flash card, and also refers to the product saving relationships. And it seems quite simple: just spray it in the toilet bowl before you go, and voila!

While you are laughing and wondering whether or not this is a spoof, she affirms, “Yes, it’s a real product. And yes, it really works.” And then she takes out the big guns – compares the PooPouri rating on Amazon to iPhone 5 ratings. At 4.8 out of 5, PooPouri rates better than the Apple product, and then she throws her iPhone into the toilet!

After about two weeks online, the short film has garnered over 9.1 million hits, and this is no surprise. The content is entertaining while selling a really (ingenious) product. The PooPouri YouTube channel features other video content related to the product, and poo in general. Some of it, curated by consumers who attest to having used the product and are satisfied, is queued up in playlist called Satisfied Pooers. Another playlist with additional content related to poo in general is called PooTube featuring such information as the Poop Cycle, How to avoid the Worthington Jet and other info-taining content. This is a good example of the most exciting feature of social media; that consumers have the power to endorse, or not, a product they have experience with. What stands out in all Satisfied Pooers playlist is that with every testimonial, all of consumers are smiling or laughing while they attest to the effectiveness of the product.

The whole idea of the product is tongue in cheek and even the product names and labelling are in keeping with this. The product comes in many variations: feminine, masculine and children’s concoctions with names that will make anyone keel over with laughter. Names like Trap-a-crap, Poo-tonium, Heavy Doody which is described as ‘the right tool for a big load’ and Doody Free, are reserved for the masculine concoctions. For women, the scents include Call of the wild, Shittin’ pretty, Deja Poo accompanied by the text: ‘you’ve been here before but now with the scent you adore.’

The magic of PooPouri is that it is a product tailored to address a legitimate human need. We all do the number 2, and the stench is not the most pleasant of experiences. PooPouri addresses the unpleasant part “making it seem like your business never even happened.” Perhaps time to throw a farewell party to prairie-dogging it at work, at your lover’s apartment or that fancy dinner party!