Ogilvy Johannesburg takes on the world, and wins

Hats off to Ogilvy Johannesburg which won the Grand Prix in the radio category at Cannes with a trio of remarkable ads for Lucozade. But wait. There’s more. Ogilvy Jozi also made it into AdWeek.com and AdAge.com – global media titles deserving of a world-class agency. From AdAge: Lucozade and Ogilvy Johannesburg Win Radio Grand Prix – Trio of Ads Were Produced by South Africa’s Produce Sound. What it is: lucozade-hed-2014The Lucozade campaign had three separate ads in total. Produced by Johannesburg’s Produce Sound, each ad is a loud pep talk given by an unnamed announcer to someone who is in a situation that demands he or she perk up and get energetic. The situations included being at an Enrique Iglesias concert, a children’s party, and a PowerPoint presentation/conference call at work. The ads featured a loud, strong voice, aided with background sounds that represented the situation, and a strong script. Why it won: Tony Hertz, jury president and the proprieter of Tony Hertz Radio and Brand Sound, said that “it was one of those campaigns that because you had to listen to it a lot, it didn’t feel like a duty.” The radio category sometimes awards more “gimmicky” radio work – two years ago it gave the top prize to “Radio Repellent,” which sent out a mosquito-repelling signal over the airwaves. But this time, jurors awarded a straightforward ad. “It has every element of craft,” said Mr. Hertz. “It’s beautifully written, excellently produced, and there is nothing to criticize about it.” Read the full story on AdAge. And this is the story from AdWeek: The Year’s Best Radio Ads, for Lucozade Energy Drinks, Will Pump You Up – Ogilvy Johannesburg wins Grand Prix .