Ad of the Week: SterKinekor

Ever heard of a laptop billboard?

The SterKinekor Laptop Billboard by FoxP2

The SterKinekor Laptop Billboard by FoxP2

Hats off to FoxP2 for the Ster-Kinekor billboard that ran late last year, and which won second place in the recent Creative Circle’s Ad of the Year in the Out of Home category. It is a quirky but clever billboard campaign that enjoyed considerable user attention, especially amongst this tech-savvy target market. A 63 metre long billboard was placed on one of Johannesburg’s busiest highways. The wording, in HUGE block caps was: “NAME THE MOVIE PLAYING ON THIS LAPTOP”. Beneath that was the call to action: “and you could win tickets to see it on a screen 1795 x bigger.”

Mounted on the billboard was a laptop, with a trailer for an upcoming movie playing. The laptop looks ridiculously small, compared to the lettering on the billboard, and the point is amply made: watching movies on a small screen is no substitute for ‘the real thing’. In fact, FoxP2 claim that only 12% of the people got the answer right.

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