“Marketers are cutting back on ad spend” – Media24’s CEO Esmaré Weideman

Media24's chief executive officer Esmaré Weideman

Media24’s chief executive officer Esmaré Weideman

“There are two reasons for the pressure on ad revenue: the changing media landscape and the economy. The latter is easier to explain: marketers are simply cutting back on their ad spend. Things get more interesting when you look at the evolving media landscape. Electronic media, TV in particular, is having a good run and takes a huge chunk. Digital ad spend too is growing in leaps and bounds but is still priced well below other mediums and will remain so for the foreseeable future.”


“Many retailers are doing their own thing, either in print or on social-media platforms. Custom publishing is on the up and at Media24, through New Media Publishing, we get quite a chunk of this. “Traditional” print media — consumer magazines and newspapers — remain a very strong contender for marketing budgets though, and the teams who realise advertisers are looking for more innovative, interesting, targeted and measurable campaigns — in print or including print — are the ones who are getting their slice of the pie. Another big trend internationally, and picking up in South Africa, is marketing campaigns involving events.”

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