“SA’s Vinny Lingham hits US pay dirt” – TechCentral

Vinny LinghamThere’s nothing better than reading the news online to discover that a son or daughter of South Africa has gone global and made a major success of it. I was delighted to read a report by Duncan McLoed on TechCentral that local lad made good, Vinny Lingham, has sold his latest business for a pretty packet.

“Vinny Lingham, the South African entrepreneur behind online gift card service Gyft, has hit pay dirt. Lingham has agreed to sell the company, which is based in San Francisco, to First Data, a big player in the payment technology space, for a rumoured figure of more than US$54m (R577m),” McLoed writes on TechCentral.

Yeowzer! That prize is a sure indicator that Lingham had a great idea, but more importantly executed it well in a crowded and well traded space. It is also a sound message to other local entrepreneurs. The world is your oyster, got forth and conquer.

Read the full story by McLoed at TechCentral.