earth_face-1140x641“We recognise and are attracted to authenticity,” writes Fiona Vesey in Brand Quarterly, adding: “Whether consciously, just knowing it when we see it, or on a subconscious level, feeling drawn to a particular person, product, service or brand. This connection to authentic people and companies becomes even stronger, when our experience with them shows us their values are similar or in alignment with our own.”

The Co-Founder of Vesey Creative, the branding and graphic design agency behind Brand Quarterly magazine, Vesey also serves as Editor-in-Chief of the magazine. Vesey is, of course, spot on an she says that as the global marketplace grows, so the importance of maintaining authenticity will grow with it.

Read the great feature from Vesey in Brand Quarterly in which she offers brand managers a few tips to ensure their brand and marketing remains authentic, while appealing in foreign markets. Take a look at this article at Brand Quarterly.

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