Advertising and sustainability? Seize the moment!

Advertising agencies may be full of creative people, but when it comes to getting to grips with sustainability they’re very slow on the uptake. That’s the view of Tim Lindsay, the chief executive of D&AD, a global hub that fosters a community of creatives and awards creative excellence.

Lindsay has written a great guide for creatives (and agency leaders) which is a ‘how to’ for taking the lead on sustainability, and opines that it is high time that communications companies got their act together when it comes to caring for the environment, and generally making the world a better place to live in.

“Understand that the marketing community is serious about ‘doing well by doing good’ and that clients will seek advice where they can best find it,” Lindsay advises, adding: “If the ad community doesn’t get its act together, it will be media companies, management consultancies and designers who take up the slack.”

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