On Trend : Hand painted advertising in New York

Take a look at this outdoor advertisement for Newcastle Brown Ale. You’ll find the ad on a building in in Denver, Colorado in the US. If you look at the texture of the ad style and look closely at the text, you will see that it was purposefully created to resemble a faded vintage ad.

The craft displayed in this advert is so exacting that you’d be forgiven for thinking that this is a specially created wrap-around or billboard, but it is not. The ad was created by Colossal Media, a company that says it “prides itself on keeping the hand paint tradition alive.”

“Like the wall dogs who graced New York City’s facades during the 1920’s -1940’s, the peak years of hand painted outdoor advertising, our painters use the same traditional hand paint methods and block-and-tackle rigging system of manual pulleys to maneuver scaffolding around on the wall. We have taken this tradition and modernized it with a fresh new footprint in the outdoor market. By constantly innovating and developing our process, we are able to paint over 300 walls a year,” says Colossal.

The good people at Colossal write on the company’s Tumblr blog that they still “maneuver scaffolding around the wall as muralists did more than 50 years ago. Which is why it was especially fun for us to create (if you will) a modern ghost sign. Our hand paint work is a careful craft, a well-trained skill, and it’s our life.”

The largest hand paint mural and outdoor advertising company in the United States, the people at Colossal paint large-scale photorealistic murals, art projects, advertising campaigns and more in New York City and across the US with an efficiency and precision that is unmatched.

“To those who describe hand painted outdoor advertising as a dying art, we respectfully disagree. In fact, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times credit us singularly for its resurgence,” states the outdoor art-cum-advertising crowd on the Colossal web site.

Take a look at Colossal’s awe-inspiring work.