10 Brands That Inventively Nailed the Ice Bucket Challenge

Who hasn’t felt the big chill?

From Harrison Ford and the original cast of Star Wars to actor Tom Cruise, Microsoft founder turned billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates to funny man Jack Black, controversy attracting mega-star Justin Bieber to you! It seems that everyone who is anyone is throwing a bucket fulled with ice and water over their heads these days.

The biggest viral craze of 2014 features mega names and everyone in between throwing buckets of ice and water overthemselves to raise funds and awareness of motor neurone disease (also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease or ALS).

The campaign works something like this: A movie star or business celebrity thinks up a way to reinvent the act and then endures several seconds of self-induced icy pain after throwing ice and water over themselves. While still drenched they then nominate up to three more well-known people to undergo the same public humiliation. All these challenges are filmed and placed online. You can take a look at videos of 40 of the best challenges thus far, thanks to the UK Telegraph.

Iconic brand mascot, The Pillsbury Doughboy, takes on the ALS ice bucket challenge.

The Telegraph writes that idea behind this viral sensation was “traced back to Boston College baseball player Pete Frates, whose promising sporting career was cut short after he developed MND. In 2013, he challenged several Boston Red Sox players to the ice-bucket treatment to raise money and awareness for the condition – individuals can either accept the challenge, or donate an agreed sum to charity (usually $100).” Since then, it appears, everyone has gotten in on the act.

Brands have also gotten in on the act. Some with more gusto than creativity. But here are the ten smartest ads featuring the ice bucket challenge according to AdWeek. “Your friends have done it, your family has done it, celebrities have done it, maybe you’ve even done it. And of course, brands have been doing it. It’s easy to be cynical about the latter. After all, anything that becomes this popular in our culture is destined for rampant trolling. And it is odd when brands try to make it about them,” writes Alfred Maskeroni for AdWeek.

“I gotta hand it to the brands on this list, though. They didn’t just toss the bucket over to the C-suite, as hundreds have done. They tried to stay in character. They tried to suspend our disbelief (that corporations are evil, faceless entities with no soul). That said, I’d hate to be at the meetings at Progressive where they’re deciding if they should douse Flo.”

Take a look at the brands AdWeek has singled out for nailing the ice bucket challenge! These ten brands know how to do things in style.

Below, check out 10 brands who at least got a little creative with it.