Call me chicken

Rick on his great quest in the Chicken Licken commercial, shot by Net#work BBDO in Nepal.

It’s Wednesday, which means that it’s time for Ad of the Week. It is the day that I get to pick that ad I love most, write about it, and then it appears on MarkLives, SA’s top site for marketers, about marketing.

This week I couldn’t choose between two new ads from SA’s stable of fast-food outlets. Both use humour to market the respective (but competing) brands. So please don’t cry foul because I just couldn’t choose an outright winner.

Nando’s and Chicken Licken continue their campaigns to win the hearts and stomachs of South African consumers with ads that have a lot more than a good belly laugh in common. For example, neither commercial focuses too much on chicken. Rather, the two are what are classically called “brand-building ads” — they both look to aspects of SA culture to entrench their brands as ‘iconically’ South African.

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