A sound mind in a healthy body

Bruce Lee

Possibly the greatest athlete of all time

… or, if you want the original Latin (by Roman playwright Juvenal) — mens sana in corpore sano. As medical science has proven, the mind operates best when the body is healthy and working well. Better blood-flow to the brain, providing more oxygen, and you may just have that breakthrough you’ve been struggling over. So how about taking some time out each day for a mini-workout?

Yes, you may have gone to the gym this morning, but that was hours ago, and you’ve been at that desk ever since. Your blood is starting to congeal in your veins! Get on the floor and work that core, Bruce Lee style.

To guide you, print out this handy poster, showing how to get abs like the Jeet Kune Do master himself, from Neila Rey :



Bruce Lee Abs poster

It works if you work it: work those abs!