Keep your eyes on the road

We all know it. If you’re in the car and your mobile phone signals that you’ve just received a text message, ignore it! If you don’t you could end up becoming another statistics. Or you may just injure or kill someone else.

Recent research showed SA is a country with the highest porportion of people who text, email, or use social media whilst driving. 41% of locals polled for the survey said they used mobile phones whilst driving.

“Five seconds is the average time your eyes are off the road while texting, meaning that if you were travelling at about 88km/h, you would in this time be able to cover the length of a football field,” a report on IOL reads. “This essentially means that, within a matter of seconds, you can cause a horrific accident because you answered a text or sent a tweet.”

But how can one change people’s behaviour? The answer might lie in this brilliantly conceved advertisement for Volkswagen. Take a look, and after seeing it, tell me if you’ll ever drive and text again.