VoD in SA – it’s happening

A world of choice

Video on Demand (VoD) in South Africa now has three players, if you count the ‘CatchUp Plus’ offering from MultiChoice.

Times Media Group has launched Vidi, a streaming service that requires a broadband internet connection and a PC or internet-enabled TV.

Then Altech is marketing its all-singing, all-dancing, blinkenlightspoppen ‘Node‘. The system consists of a set-top box that uses your broadband connection for internet services, but media — movies and series — are downloaded via satellite. Node will also control your sprinkler system, alarm and other smart devices, providing you have the necessary cabling and connectors, such as ‘Smartplugs’ and compatible motion-detectors.

For a complete breakdown of the service offerings, subscriptions etc. read Karenn Hauser’s article at Financial Mail.