Joan Jett and the Voteheads


Don’t Give a Damn About my Reputation – yeah!

In the US, the midterm elections are coming up. All 435 seats of the House of Congress are up for election, as well as the governors of 36 of the 50 states.

Traditionally voter turnout is low, but the Department of Peace, an art collective geared toward creating consciousness-raising content and aiming to inspire young people to engage politically, is hoping to change that. Women’s rights champion and general badass, Joan Jett, has produced a music video to the tune of her hit, ‘Bad Reputation,’ that encourages women to ‘Get Out the Vote.’

The video shows how women’s rights have been compromised by the current system, and how, if more women vote, they could influence policy for the next two years.

Turn up the volume, and enjoy!