Stop Complaining! – says Max

Max du Preez

“Do you want things to be done, and done properly, in 2015? Then do it yourself. Behave as if government is not going to deliver any services, and if it does, see that as a bonus.” These are the words of veteran journalist, political commentator and founder of legndary anti-apartheid magazine, Vrye Weekblad, Max du Preez.

Writing for MoneyWeb, du Preez makes some practical suggestions about coping in the new South Africa, from fixing your own potholes, to getting involved in education — the latter being a particular passion of mine, as I have been working with Partners for Possibility, an NGO that pairs headmasters at needy schools with business leaders as mentors. It’s an education for both parties, and it has been a very rewarding experience for me.

Du Preez has it right though: the time has come for us to stop whingeing, get up and do things for ourselves, our fellow humans and our country.