Overrated Design

The Bracket Challenge Leaderboard

The Bracket Challenge Leaderboard

I’m not normally into negative comparison, but there are occasions when it’s helpful to take a step back and look at what’s working and what’s just an overrated trend in design.

FastCompany’s Bracket Challenge has taken this to the next level, inviting readers to vote on the most overrated design from artisanal branding to flat design to compact cities. It is a game, based on the idea of a knockout tournament, where the iPhone gets pitted against the Thinkpad. On the leaderboard one can click on each ‘contestant’ to read insightful and sometimes incisive critiques of the design.

Some of the candidates may be foreign to South Africans, but it still makes for interesting reading. And of course, you can join in the fun each week and vote on your favourites.

Read more here. (And remember, it’s just a game.)