Managing Time, Managing Space, Getting Things Done


Allen’s GTD NoteTaker Wallet, which he sells on his website: “The ability to quickly capture a thought and get it off your mind is as essential as your driver’s license, credit cards, and cash.”

Tim Allen, founder of the Getting Things Done (GTD) approach to time management, says that GTD is not so much a time management system as a ‘space’ management system — and he’s referring more to ‘head space’ here than physical space. It’s about how to quiet that jabbering monkey that wakes you up at 3am with a thousand things you need to keep track of.

The GTD system encourages people to clear that mental space by putting it all down on a piece of paper and then decide on what to focus on. Then you can create the space to actually do them. OK, that’s a very simplified approach to his philosophy, but he clears up some common misconceptions in this interview with FastCompany’s Ciara Byrne.

There’s a great little video on the site too, that sums it all up quite nicely, and the interview with Allen makes for compelling reading.