Monthly Archive: July, 2015

Getting Your Team to Deal with Data


According to Harvard Business Review (, people are either fearful or apathetic when it comes to data. This is not good news, as data (ie. ‘big data’) is an important part of every aspect… Continue reading

Is Facebook About to Dominate YouTube in Video?


Execs at YouTube may be worried when they look at a case study like Chubbies. The retailer that sells shorts (both underwear and daywear) has been cleaning up on Facebook views, when compared to… Continue reading

Watch Out, It’s Suzaniël


Every week I choose an ad that has stood out from the rest, for my column on, the site for marketers and advertisers. This week I had no choice but to give… Continue reading

How CEOs Can Corrupt Company Culture


CEOs usually set the tone that reflects the values and convictions of the organisation they lead. But they can take it too far, and actually do more harm than good. Barry S Saltzman… Continue reading

Why the Web Needs Ads


In 2011, Harvard-educated math wunderkind Jeff Hammerbacher said: “The best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads.” This cynical statement summed up the attitude of the time… Continue reading

Six Factors That Will Make Your Team Work


You can hire the brightest and the best for your team, but there are certain key ingredients in the recipe for success, according to Elaine Yew of global executive search firm Egon Zehnder.… Continue reading

Hello, Cape Town Weekend


In my weekly column for, Africa’s premier marketing site, I select an Ad of the Week from print, TV, digital/online and radio. This week the one that stood out most is Cape… Continue reading

Will Africa’s Growth Help Africans?


Much has been written lately of the growth potential in Africa — it’s a continent that is about to go through its next renaissance. But how much is this growth going to be… Continue reading

YouTube Dominated by Brands


With more and more people ‘cutting the cord’ — i.e. cancelling their subscriptions to pay TV services, especially in the 18-34 year demographics — YouTube is increasingly becoming the channel that brands turn… Continue reading

The Forbes SME Resource

by has gathered all its writings on starting, running and growing a small business (and that would include an SME) in one useful place on the site. Read insightful articles about disruption, gamification,… Continue reading