Why the Web Needs Ads

Web ads - can we make peace with the clutter?

Web ads – can we make peace with the clutter?

In 2011, Harvard-educated math wunderkind Jeff Hammerbacher said: “The best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads.” This cynical statement summed up the attitude of the time — the idea that ads were ‘polluting’ the internet, turning it into a digital garden of billboards.

But what would the web be without ads? asks Christopher Mims of Business Day (www.bdlive.co.za). It’s not just the free services we get (Google Search, Gmail, Facebook), but the fact that vast resources have been poured into making it better. And yes, getting some of those “best minds of the generation” to find ways to make the web faster, smarter and more useful.

Read Mims’s piece, “Hats off to web advertising”.