Is Facebook About to Dominate YouTube in Video?

A picnic on the beach

A picnic on the beach, Chubbies-style

Execs at YouTube may be worried when they look at a case study like Chubbies. The retailer that sells shorts (both underwear and daywear) has been cleaning up on Facebook views, when compared to posting the same video on YouTube.

Facebook video was a bit slow and buggy (at least it was for me) until a few weeks ago. Now it seems like some work has been done behind the scenes to make it as smooth as Youtube. Whereas most people preferred to post on Youtube and link/embed on Facebook, that’s all changing, as more marketers choose to host on Facebook and Youtube separately. And in the case of Chubbies, Facebook is eating up the competition, demonstrating far more views, likes and shares than its Google-owned counterpart.

Read the Adweek case study here, if you have any interest at all in social media marketing.