Digital and Data Must Enter the Boardroom

Digital Media -- worth more than 10%

Digital Media — worth more than 10%

Many [South African] brands remain fairly conservative about how much money they spend on digital channels, allocating at most 10% of their total media budget to digital — that’s according to Business Day’s Natalie Bruyns. And that’s because brands have yet to bring digital marketing to the fore in their boardroom marketing meetings.

The key for the South African C-suite to evaluate importance of digital lies in data — the more we understand our customer, the more we can leverage digital to serve them and tap into their needs. Digital allows marketers to move fast, so leaner, meaner marketers, who can integrate effectively are going to have the advantage.

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And, if you want some deep reading on the topic, take a look at Igor Beuke’s Viralblog post — it’s a long read, but covers most of the bases if you want to (pro)actively plan a digital marketing strategy. (PS — it means chucking out old thinking of campaigns and traditional publicity. Prepare for some cognitive dissonance.)