Newstag — When Less Is More

Newstag - curated news clips on demand

Newstag – curated news clips on demand

It is definitely the era of ‘information overload’, and companies that do data mining and big data management are starting to produce results for marketers. But for individuals there is still too much choice.

When it comes to news, what do you do? Do you pick up a daily paper? Do you rely on the public broadcaster? Or do you open a multitude of tabs on your browser to quickly scan News24, The New York Times, FM, Finweek, several blogs, your YouTube channel … ad infinitum? What if you had an intelligent assistant behind the scenes, curating the news that you want to know about?

Newstag aims to do just that. Still in beta, the site is infinitely customisable, using a system of tags allowing you to choose topics that interest you. It uses peer recommendation to filter the results that are most relevant to the top, and streams the video to your device on demand. All news clips are from ‘trusted sources’ like Reuters. For more on why we should be interested in this disruptive technology, read this great article from