The Brand That Pokes Fun at its Target

garagista-beer-garagista-beer-tears-of-the-hipster-direct-marketing-design-print-374763-preview-adeeveeFew brands can get away with it, but Garagista beer pulls off poking fun at hipsters, those beyond trendy, retro-loving, hat-wearing, beard-growing, cardigan-loving characters who, it seems, will never admit to being hipsters (and will look most insulted if you ask them). Which is partly why the Garagista campaign works… and the latest poster campaign has taken it a step further.

In my weekly column for, the marketing site that puts Africa at the centre, I select an ad that I believe deserves the honour of being called the Ad of the Week — and this week it’s definitely FoxP2’s poster campaign for Garagista, called ‘Tears of a Hipster’. Read more here.