14 Rules for Data-driven Marketing

It's all about balance

It’s all about balance

Data-based marketing allows marketers to be more customer-focussed, and that’s how it should be. ‘Digital’ used to mean cold, logical, calculating, inhuman — now it means the opposite. Increasingly connected customers demand more, and know more about what they are buying. Marketers need to find ways to use data to connect at a critical point, and it’s got to have a sense of a human touch to it.

So how do marketers use data to make those touch-points? In an insightful essay, Scott Brinker of Chiefmartec, provides 14 ‘rules’ (I would call them guidelines) for marketing with data. The piece was written a little while ago, but it’s still extremely relevant. The great thing is that we are now developing the tools to enable us to use data even more effectively than ever, and find ways to meaningfully connect with our customers.

Read the full article — which also has some really useful links — at Chiefmartec.com. And then bookmark it, because I think you may want to come back to it in future.