Leveraging Customers’ Emotions

adult-18844_640User experience is an important part of the marketer’s lexicon in data-driven marketing. In practice, user experience is informed by customers’ emotions — their ‘gut reaction’ to your brand is the most important factor. But customers, you may say, are fickle — and how does one measure emotion?

Scott Magids and Alan Zorfas of consumer intelligence firm Motista, and Daniel Leemon of CEB, a best-practice insight and technology company, say that it is possible to rigorously measure and strategically target the feelings that drive customers’ behaviour. According to the authors, these “emotional motivators provide a better gauge of customers’ future value to a firm than any other metric, including brand awareness and customer satisfaction, and can be an important new source of growth and profitability.”

That’s a pretty hefty claim, and it is outlined in an in-depth article on the Harvard Business Review website this week. The authors explore why emotional connections matter, putting emotional connections to work, and “the management imperative” — to embrace emotional-connection strategy, which requires deep customer insights, analytical capabilities, and a managerial commitment to align the organisation with the new way of thinking.

Some of the case studies that increased sales dramatically using this thinking included a bank, a household cleaner product and an apparel retailer.

Read more at hbr.org, or on pages 66-76 of the November issue of the Harvard Business Review.