A Social Medium for a Key Demographic

Illustration by Dale Edwin Murray

Illustration by Dale Edwin Murray

According to a new Piper Jaffray survey, Snapchat is more popular among American teens than Facebook, with 19% of them saying the mobile app is the most important social network.

Are we missing something? At this stage in South Africa we have concentrated on the “Big 4” – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. According to this MWeb article, which cites research by Ornico subsidiary Fuseware, as well as World Wide Worx and Statista, the only thing holding back adoption of this channel is the low number of smartphones in use.

But cheaper smartphones and tablets are now becoming available, so it’s just a matter of time before South African (and African) youth catch up with their US and UK counterparts, and start Snapchatting away. Although they are unlikely to abandon Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat could well be the “next big thing” for the teen/18-25 year old markets.

In case you’re sceptical, take a look at these “6 eyebrow-raising statistics” from Adweek, that should make marketers sit up and take notice. And of course, Ornico and Fuseware will be keeping an eye on Snapchat too!