Friday Funny: Giving ‘Hunt and Peck’ New Meaning

chickentweetThere is a universal trend for fast food chicken outlets to use humour to market themselves — SA’s Nando’s and Chicken Licken being two good examples.

In Australia, an outlet called Chicken Treat has decided to hand over its Twitter account to Betty, who is a chicken. A computer keyboard has been rigged up, which she then takes a peck at when she feels like it (no doubt assisted by corn thrown onto it.) The computer then sends these out as tweets with the hashtag #chickentweets (Chicken Treats — get it?)

If she manages to type a proper 5-letter word in English she will get into the Guinness Book of Records.

Here’s the video that explains it:


Will Betty ever create a comprehensible English word? The world awaits. View her Twitter feed here.