Facebook, Snapchat Battle Twitter for News Eyeballs

Facebook's new search gets you chatting with strangers

Facebook’s new search gets you chatting (and possibly arguing) with strangers.

Twitter thus far has been king of breaking news, and this month it launched its Moments tab (previously known as Project Lightning), to help users–especially new users–to find the content they want.

Tech site Re/Code reports that Facebook has ‘tweaked’ its search function, to make it easier for people to follow along to breaking news and events. Now all public posts are searchable, so you are no longer limited to your friends’ posts. Results are sorted according to an algorithm and lists the most popular links around your chosen topic.

Snapchat has also launched a Live Stories, a system that curates and presents photo and video montages that serve as look-ins on live events, from sport to political campaigns. The curating is not automated — everything is managed by back-end staff. The curated content is interspersed with 10-second ads that Snapchat charges out at some two US cents per view. That’s $400,000 worth of ad space for a story generating 20 million views.

News seems to be the new space that social media networks are aiming at monetising.