Global Outlook for 2016


Bloomberg Businessweek – better than a crystal ball

2016 is just around the corner, and the pundits are plying their… punditry. Bloomberg has released its outlook for next year in terms of global trade, and SA is–no surprise–a no-show. With our lack of good growth figures, it’s no surprise that investors are looking at Brazil and India (and even China, despite a predicted drop in growth rate).

Russia is threatening a recession, but central/eastern African countries look to be bullish.

Here’s Bloomberg’s mainstream outlook in a nutshell: “China will continue to decelerate. The U.S. will continue to outperform its rich-nation peers. With global demand soft, the price of money (interest rates) and the prices of oil and other commodities are likely to remain low. Central bankers Janet Yellen, Mario Draghi, and Haruhiko Kuroda will be in the spotlight as the Federal Reserve attempts to nudge rates higher and the European Central Bank and Bank of Japan look for ways to stimulate growth.”

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