SA Pips Nigeria in Millionaire Stakes

Nicky Oppenheimer -- SA's wealthiest individual

Nicky Oppenheimer — SA’s wealthiest individual

South Africa’s richest person (and Africa’s second richest after Nigerian Aliko Dangote) is former DeBeers chairman Nicky Oppenheimer. And he is just one of 16 South Africans named in Forbes’s 2015 List of Africa’s Richest — which means that South Africa has the highest number of any country on the list.

Nigeria held top spot last year, but with the worldwide drop in oil prices, the picture has shifted.

The continent has 23 dollar-billionaires, according to the list, and six of these live in SA. Jannie Mouton, CEO of PSG Group is chasing that elite segment, with his personal nett worth having grown to $970 million.

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