Ads Created by Intelligent Machines?

woman-506322_640AI (Artificial Intelligence) is being spoken and written about just about everywhere, as machines learn more about human speech and behaviour. The next frontier that is being broached is creativity. Already Associated Press uses machine algorithms to generate some 12,000 articles a year — work that used to be done by journalists, but is now done by software called Wordsmith.

Will journalists, copywriters, even designers become redundant? It will happen, but it may take a while. The AP articles tend to be the ‘boring stuff’ — straight factual stories based mainly on data supplied, be it sports results or stock exchange results. In fact, journalists have welcomed the freedom to focus now on more creative, challenging or interesting jobs.

How will advertising be affected? Research automation is an obvious one: we need to crunch the numbers, but in an intelligent way. We need to extract the patterns that may not be so obvious to the human eye.

David Cox, Chief innovation officer at M&C Saatchi, writes in The Guardian about machines that are being taught to create art, and learn how to improve based on people’s responses — and what this all means for the advertising industry. Read the article here.

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