The Human Brain — Who Can Explain?

You! ... need to find out how the human brain works.

You! … need to find out how the human brain works.

There are things about humans that are just plain irrational, but they work in favour of marketers. From body language to trigger words, to psychological tics, there are a myriad of hidden persuaders that, if used correctly, can swing things in your favour — whether you’re selling toilet soap or nuclear power plants.

Thai Nguyen elucidates on some of the top ones, in ‘You’ll Market Better and Be More Persuasive Knowing These 10 Brain Facts‘ – a slideshow/article for

I like no. 7 – ‘The Power of Storytelling”. Nguyen writes:

“[Dr Paul Zak] monitored the release of the love molecule oxytocin while asking subjects questions related to products and significant people. Products evoked a stronger response over loved ones when they were framed within a story, e.g. the watch that belonged to your grandfather who went to war.”

Stories are incredibly powerful, as we have found in analysing ads each week. The story-based ones seem to resonate more powerfully than those that are copy-driven with imagery that doesn’t cohere.

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