Before You Close Shop…

Astore_Marketing_PlanThere are still a few things you can do to improve your market profile, or ‘spike’ sales, before the end of the year. So says’s contributing editor, Geoffrey James. He has been reading Mark Satterfield’s book, The One Week Marketing Plan.

The first one is almost the most obvious — and yet it’s often dismissed as ‘cheapening’: ‘Give away something substantial for free’. I saw that the venerable New York Times is offering existing subscribers the opportunity to gift two friends with a free 12-week subscription of the electronic edition. These would be non-subscribers, so there is good potential to turn at least a percentage of them into full subscribers, once they have explored the newspaper over 3 months.

This is, of course, much easier with digital products, such as apps. In the B2B space, many SMBs provide prospects with a free report or white paper.

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