Personal Power as an Attitude

Personal power comes from the inside

Personal power comes from the inside

Certain people seem to radiate power — they walk into a room, and the world stops to take notice. Bill Clinton had this (apparently) even before he became president. Our own Madiba, even when he became frail, had an ‘aura’ of fortitude that was impossible to ignore.

In business, having personal power is a function of mental and psychological strength. True confidence, which is not a mask, but something based on a sense of self-worth, is what sets leaders apart.

Can this be cultivated? Here are nine things that mentally strong people do, to retain (and possibly grow) their personal power, courtesy of Nemanja Manojlovic of Some are obvious, but as a whole they present the kind of balance that I think can lead to a happier, healthier life… and possibly from that, a certain amount of confidence and leadership strength can evolve.