Get Smart – Learn How to Think

Think better... it's harder than you think.

Think better… it’s harder than you think.

Thinking is less about IQ, and more about temperament, continuously learning and maximising the resources at your disposal.

That’s according to Farnam Street, in an information-packed blog post that is well worth working through. This is not a quick read — there are links to great resources, and you may want to bookmark it to refer to again.

Another link on the blog is to ‘Mental Models‘ — a resource that one can keep studying, and adding to, as one develops the ability to think better. Here the common biases and logical fallacies are examined; and some basic strategies for logic, deduction, induction and so on are carefully explained.

And remember, if you don’t learn something new each day, you are not moving forward… even if it’s just learning about learning. (And it’s never too late to start!)