Oprah Takes on Banting

Winfrey: "I love bread!" (Take that, Prof. Noakes.)

Winfrey: “I love bread!” (Take that, Prof. Noakes.)

In a Twitter post two days ago, Oprah Winfrey declared her passion for bread, and posted a video explaining how she could eat bread ‘every day’ and still lose 26 pounds (about 12kg). The video is heavily branded with the Weight Watchers logo — a company that the billionaire talk-show star bought into in October last year.

This single tweet and video to Winfrey’s 31 million Twitter followers saw the Weight Watchers share price jump by almost 20%. This translates to adding nearly USD150-million to the company’s share price — which means her personal stake gained about USD12.5-million.

This speaks to the power and influence of social media — and of celebrity. Read more on The Guardian Online.