Get Your Team De-Stressed

Picture by Dave Wheeler for HBR

Picture by Dave Wheeler for HBR

Work is getting more demanding and complex, and because many of us now work in 24/7 environments, anxiety and burnout are not uncommon. Investing in your team’s personal growth and development is the first step in supporting sustainable productivity.

HBR has published a great post by Wisdom Labs’s Rich Fernandez, where he outlines various approaches one can take. These include:

  1. Focus on employees’ growth and development
  2. Model and encourage well-being practices
  3. Allow time to disconnect outside of work
  4. Train the brain to deal with chaos
  5. Emphasize “monotasking” for better focus (I’ve written previously about how ‘multitasking’ is a myth)
  6. Be purposeful about “gap” time during the work day, or slow periods over the course of the working year
  7. Exercise empathy and compassion

It’s important to be sensitive to employees — in our results-driven world, symptoms of stress and burnout are often masked because they are perceived as a sign of weakness.

Fernandez ends by saying: “Personal development makes each person, and the entire team, better, enabling higher performance and engagement over time. Doing well at work and encouraging people to feel well isn’t just possible — it’s the foundation of a high-performance team.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Take 20 minutes out of your busy Friday to read this — there are bound to be some nuggets that you can apply to your own business — or your own life.

Read the full article at HBR.