Using Social Media to Raise Funds

Mohamed El Garhey outside the hospital building site.(Farid Y. Farid)

Raising funds for a good cause is seldom easy, especially when it’s in a country that has been devastated by civil unrest and regime removal.

Egyptian TV Producer, Mohamed El Garhey, was involved in covering the events of the Arab Spring, and made a name for himself on Twitter by defying a blanket media gag during the Mubarak case.

Egypt needs a lot of rebuilding, and El Garhey decided to turn to social media when faced with the problem of raising funds for a medical centre in El Shabraween. He has raised over USD636,000 in four years — no mean feat when most Egyptians are struggling to remake their lives following the fall of the regime.

The project, known as ‘The Goodness Taxi’, accepts payment methods like SMS and a new electronic system called Fawri that allows people who don’t have access to electronic banking to pay bills and make donations, through small kiosks in shops.

Using social media and technology to enable people to do good — and make a better world for those who need it. What’s not to like? Read more on Quartz Africa.