The Flipside of the IoT: The New Hardware Movement

By now you have probably heard of the Internet of Things (IoT) and how connecting everything, everywhere is going to revolutionise our lives.

But IoT is, in fact, part of a larger revolution: the “new hardware movement” — which is a term coined by Jon Bruner of O’Reilly publications. Bruner says that new technology doesn’t necessarily have to be connected, but the tools for creating new things are becoming cheaper, and more ubiquitous. Real food for thought.

These include tools for rapid prototyping (3D printers and inexpensive microcontrollers), fundraising, manufacturing and marketing. He writes: “For the most part, the new hardware movement is an enabler and driver of the Internet of Things, making it possible to develop IoT systems quickly and at low cost.”

Watch his keynote on YouTube (or below), or read his rationale at O’ It gives a great overview of the IoT, and where technology is heading in the short-to-medium term — which, in my mind, points to a great democratisation of technology throughout the world.