Teamwork & Travel – Staying on Track

Surviving the long-distance work relationship

Hacking the long-distance work relationship

Last year, between work and personal demands, I spent a lot of time out of the country. The Ornico expansion process has required my presence in some of the countries we are now growing in, like Kenya. How do I keep the company running while I’m in the air, or in places with little-to-no wifi?

For a start, I have a great team on the ground at Ornico HQ in Sandton. Next, we use collaboration tools like Asana to make sure nothing ‘slips between the cracks’. Then, there are a myriad of ‘little things’ that all add up to keeping us connected and on track.

Asana’s Vivek Sri blogs about some of the strategies that can help a growing business with long-distance workers continue to be productive, and overcome some of the challenges that arise when ‘going global’ (or continental, as the case may be).

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