Drowning in Data

Data overload -- how to cope?

Data overload — how to cope?

This is the information age, and no doubt there is enough information. But is there too much? Can your business handle all the data that is available, filter what is pertinent and analyse how to maximise your operations?

Looking into this $64-billion question, Jacques Burger, CEO of M&C Saatchi Abel Gauteng, writes in Financial Mail, pointing out that “data cannot make business decisions for us. It cannot write a business strategy. And in the space of innovation in particular, we need to know when to listen to data, what data to listen to and what data to ignore. As leaders of business, we remain the decision makers.”

I would argue that there is never too much data — just good data and bad data. That’s where the filtering has to come in, and analysis is key. Ornico is in the business of analysing marketing-related data in Africa. With Artificial Intelligence coming to our aid, Ornico is equipped to help marketers collate, analyse and create action plans based on accurate data. Contact us to find out how.