Dealing with Difficult People

Irrational people -- can you deal?

Irrational people — can you deal?

Let’s face it, people can often be difficult. They can be uncooperative, lazy, obstructive and downright irrational. It’s the manager’s job to deal with all that, and more. It takes a lot of people skills, and a big lovin’ spoonful of patience, to deal with people when they’re being illogical and irrational.

In “How to Deal With Irrational People“, Chris Myers, entrepreneur and CEO of, writes about the simple skills one should espouse, to get ‘irrational people’ to onto the same page. It requires the flipsides of strength and empathy, commitment to ideals and vulnerability, says Myers.

I would add that it also requires something that I keep on learning about: that things are not always as they seem at face value. Sometimes the person or people who are complaining about a ‘troublesome’ employee actually have an agenda of their own. Look for the hidden agenda, and listen, question and listen some more. Never be afraid of silences in an interview. It takes a lot of patience, but simply nodding sympathetically and waiting for the person to open up, can reveal hidden truths.

Take time with difficult people and it will save you a world of pain (and time) later on.