Fierce Sun – a Word for Go-getter

Kenyan art on show in New York

Kenyan art on show in New York

The word jua kali means ‘fierce sun’ in Swahili, but also translates to a person, businessman, or entrepreneur who can fix or practically do anything upon request. In Kenya these types of workers have been around for a long time and have become a part of the Kenyan culture.

Now a Kenyan artist has taken them as inspiration for some fascinating artworks. Tahir Carl Karmali, who is based in New York and has a Masters degree in Digital Photography, has created mixed media works that incorporate jua kali photographs with their tools and materials — all combined with East African landscapes.

Read more about this art, the culture and the artist here. And for more examples of his work, see his Twitter feed.

Let’s celebrate the jua kali culture throughout Africa!