So You’re Disruptive? – Yeah, Right…

The Marketoonist

The Marketoonist

For my Friday Funny, here’s a cartoon. But like all good humour, it deals with something a little more serious under the surface.

“When every innovation claims to be disruptive, ‘disruptive’ loses its meaning. This is particularly the case in startups, where the word “disruption” is almost a business pitch requirement nowadays.”

That’s according to Tom Fishburne, who brands himself as ‘The Marketoonist‘. Fishburne takes issue with the ‘echo chamber’ effect of innovation — one could almost call it the ‘me too’ effect. Every era has its buzzword, but ‘disruptive’ has got to be one that is wearing thin very quickly.

Fishburne’s article is a quick read, both entertaining and thought-provoking. And there are more cartoons.

Have a great weekend.